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Pledging our contactless candidate and employment verification services free to organisations tackling the Covid-19 crisis

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Our Covid-19 pledge

We’re offering both our automated Reference system and contactless identity verification (via our partnership with Yoti) completely free of charge, for health organisations and volunteer initiatives tackling Covid-19. As a company, our staff base have many NHS workers in their families, and have seen first-hand the vast impact that this situation is having. We know there are a lot of amazing people, who want to do their part in taking on new jobs or volunteering, and we want to aid this by making sure new employees or volunteers are safely and securely reference checked, completely free of charge.

We’re pledging free, automated reference checks and free
contactless Yoti identity verification for health organisations and volunteer initiatives tackling Covid-19

If you need help checking references quickly, it will take you only 25 seconds and you will receive the reference back within 20 hours*.

In addition, we are enabling you to authenticate staff and volunteers remotely in a secure and scalable way on our system via our Yoti ID integration, completely free of charge.

Our commitment to doing good

We have always offered 200 free credits and a discounted rate to eligible charities and non-profits. To do our bit to help, we would like to offer unlimited credits to our health organisations, the NHS, and volunteer initiatives to support their incredible work in tackling the current crisis. We hope that this will help organisations speed up the process of hiring new employees during this time, whilst also providing reassurance that this is done in a safe and legitimate manner through our referencing system.

What we can help you with:

  • Request a Candidate Reference in 25 seconds
  • Automated Email and Text Reminders
  • Customisable Questions
  • User and Team Management
  • Integrated ID verification (6.5 million app downloads)
  • Fully GDPR compliant.

Contact our team at for further details.

See how it works:


*20 hours was RefNow’s average reference completion time between 1st – 16th April 2020