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Using websites to help check references: Trend Or Fad?

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A report conducted by the University of Manchester (UK) found that candidates who had references were the third highest correlation to success of all possible approaches when evaluating a candidate. They twice as highly correlated to traditional, unstructured methods like interviews, education, or general training.

This is surprising for many people, especially since in the United States and in general Western society, reference checking has been steadily growing unpopular. This is due in part of many organizations being nervous around the legal issues of giving additional information. That is, outside of position, salary, and working dates.

As a result of this trend, something interesting has been emerging to get around the legal issues. That is, online checking employment reference tools.

All around in companies, businesses have turned to these types of online checking employment reference tools to help get information. Some notable companies are companies like Checkster, Chequed, Online Reference Check, and SkillSurvey.

But how long is this going to last? Or will this industry continue to grow and thrive?

It’s A Fad

For the time being, one can certainly argue that it’s a fad. A wide amount of people have used online checking employment reference tools. In fact these very tools can be used to test candidates as well depending on the field they’re in.

As a result, a lot of people these days are familiar with these sort of tools. From there, people can then start to use them for themselves.

All throughout the hiring community, people have started to use these tools as part of their hiring process. Because of this, this fad only continues to grow as more and more use these online checking employment reference tools.

But the big reason that this is a fad, or it can be suggested to be a fad is due to the legal limitations on information. After all, the more you restrict something, the more people will find ways around it.

It’s More Of A Trend

All that being said, the reason it’s a trend by this point is mainly due to the same reasons mentioned above. The websites that provide online reference checks have emerged and thrived because people enjoy using them. This suggests these tools are quality tools for hiring managers and HR staff alike.

But what’s also keeping this alternative in place is the law as well. Whether we like it or not, the law is probably not going to change. It’s very rare for particular laws to be changing and if so it’ll take years for them to change. As a result companies will be turning to these alternatives for online checking employment reference needs.

Even in the event where the laws do change quickly, hiring managers and HR staff have pointed out that they are able to get quality information from these tools. Once more, the information they do get directly from references is higher quality than other methods. Since these surveys are detailed and extract even more information, it makes sense that most employers will stick to these kinds of tools in their hiring process.

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