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What are the benefits of using RefNow

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We can all agree that hiring can be a tiring process. Applications must be seen, reviewed, interviews scheduled, and if a person makes it that far, references must be checked. This means endless calling, emails, meetings and more just to see if your potential worker is worth hiring. Time and effort are lost in this process, and time is money. Save time and money by letting RefNow help you.

RefNow was created to help streamline the reference-checking process. Stop chasing down references and get a quick simple response to your questions. In three quick steps you can get the information you need.

  1. You’ve identified your candidate, and you’re ready to check their references. Create your reference request. This is a quick and easy process. The online portal is easy to use. Type in the name of your candidate, send the request to their email, and your part is done.
  2. The candidate handles this part. Once they’ve received your request, they simply type in the information of the person who will provide their referral. The request is forwarded to the referee with no extra effort on your part.
  3. Finally, the reference is completed by the referee. This can be done easily on any internet-enabled device (mobile phones included). Once you receive their reference, everything is completed.

RefNow offers many different plans to help you simplify your hiring process. No matter the size of your company, we have a plan to suit you. Signing up is free, and so is the starter package. Try it out and see if it works for you. (It will, because who wants to chase down references?) When you decide that RefNow is for you, you have options on how to get the best service for you. With options for one to unlimited users, you can use RefNow to help your entire company.

Have a lot of questions to ask about candidates? There are plans for that too. From one question to fifty, you can get answers to every question you have. From their work experience to their past skills, get all the information you could ever want.

Hiring isn’t easy. Finding the right person to fill your vacancy is time consuming, and it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you. The leg work that you and your business have been doing for years is obsolete. Don’t waste time anymore and let RefNow do the work for you. No one in the UK has streamlined the reference process as well as RefNow. Get back your time, your energy, and your sanity, because hiring has never been easier.

About the author: James Fall is Head of Global Growth at #HrTech company RefNow. RefNow’s Online Employment referencing solution is changing the lives of HR professionals across the globe with their revolutionary referencing system. You can try RefNow free here: