Inbound Reference Requests on autopilot

With RefNow Inbound, reference requests for ex-employees will no longer need to be dealt with by your team. Freeing up their time for more important tasks.

Upload once and forget

Simply upload a secure CSV file to our system containing basic details about ex-employees including Start/End Dates and Job Title.

Self-Service References

Employers looking for a reference are directed to your hosted RefNow Form to easily request a reference for ex-employees.

Ex-Employee Consent

RefNow Inbound intelligently handles collecting consent from ex-employees to confirm they are happy for their reference to be sent to requestors.

Instant Report Generation

After consent is approved, a reference report is automatically generated containing verified job history details and sent via email to the requestor.

Customisable Reference Reports

Customise the layout, content and design of emails and reference reports to match your brand.

Multi-Team Support

Easily set permissions for different teams in the company to manage uploaded data across different branches or franchises.

Request Reporting

All of your completed reference requests are viewable in the RefNow Inbound portal, showing you who requested references for whom.

Secure Storage

All data uploaded to RefNow Inbound is stored in a secure encrypted environment, with highliy sensitive data obscured so it cannot be read, even by RefNow.

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