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RefNow has two core products helping over 12,000 companies across the world manage their referencing needs using our secure platform.

Reference Checks

Check employment verification/references for your candidates using our simple automated online form builder.

  • 30 seconds to request
  • Personalised questions
  • Candidate Centric
  • Auto & Human Follow Ups
  • Reference Verification
  • Talent Pool Opt-In
  • Weekly Reports
  • Custom Branding
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Inbound Manager

Upload your ex-employees to RefNow and allow self-service reference reports to stop your inbox getting clogged up.

  • Upload once and forget
  • Self-Service requests
  • Ex-Employee Consent
  • Instant Report Generation
  • Customisable References
  • Multi-Team Support
  • Request Reporting
  • Secure Storage
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